About This Site

My name is Dan Brydges and I am a Senior Research Analyst at Vancouver Island University. I have been working in the IT field, specializing in data and applications, for 24 years. My hobbies include hiking beautiful Vancouver Island and long-distance walking around the world, video gaming, digital media creation, editing, and curation, and the enjoyment of life.

I was raised in the small village of Winchester in Eastern Ontario and relocated to Vancouver BC in 1993.

In 2006 I moved from Vancouver to Nanaimo British Columbia to work at Vancouver Island University (VIU). While working at VIU I took the opportunity to expand my education with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Business and dual Masters degrees in Business Administration and International Management.

My technical work projects involve writing complex, database driven, dynamic web applications that focuses on achieving specific functionality. My more recent work involves porting an important ETL process from MS Access to Oracle.

This site is my personal website.


The content of this website is, at the time of this writing, still undecided but will include resume, a portfolio if possible, and perhaps other examples of my work.